Spin Your Own Delicious Fairy Floss With An Old Hard Drive

If you've ever watched someone make fairy floss being made at a fair, you know it requires an incredibly fast motor to spin the machine and create the floss-like fibres of the sweet. As it turns out, a standard hard drive spins even faster and serves as a perfect base for your own DIY fairy floss machine.

This impressive hack isn't for the faint of heart, but it looks like a lot of fun, and should teach you a thing or two about how this mysterious substance is made. Basically you'll be using bike spokes to attach a metal tin to a spinning hard drive platter, then adding a heating element below the tin to liquefy the sugar inside. When the hard drive gets up to speed, the centrifugal force ejects tiny strands of the sugar into a plastic bowl you place along the periphery, which you can scoop up to create a fluffy ball of fairy floss. For a complete walkthrough, be sure to hit up the source link.

Turning an Old Hard Disk Into a Candy Floss Machine [M.I.C. Gadget via Hack A Day]


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