Soluto Ranks The Best Laptops Based On User Experience

PC troubleshooting and reporting tool Soluto is taking all the information on its users' crashes, blue screens of death and long boot times to report which laptops perform the best. If you need help knowing which which laptops are the least problematic for users, Soluto is the way to go.

Soluto is gathering the reports monthly for its Business Pro users. Everyone, however, can view this first report (whether you have a Soluto account or not). The report is based on a whole lot of data automatically gathered from users by the Soluto app (including 224,144 crashes; 250,791 hangs; and 84,251 BSoDs).

The Apple MacBook Pro 13 (mid-2012) tops the list with the lowest (best) Soluto Score. The Acer Aspire E1-171 takes the second spot and also happens to be very inexpensive, while Dell has a great showing with five out of the top 10 laptops.

For ongoing access to reports like this, you'll need a Pro account ($10 a month), which offers PC troubleshooting for up to 10 PCs and new features launched to day, such as web-based remote access and automatic reports.

Check out the free Soluto report available now, which includes performance details on each of the top 10 laptops, via the link below.

Soluto's PC Purchasing Guide for Small Businesses [Soluto]


    The report comes from the USA, so [of course] local prices are higher. How much higher...?
    #1: 13 inch Macbook Pro starts at $1349 [$150 more]
    #2: Acer E1-571-33114G50Mnk is $549 [$120 more]
    #3: Dell XPS13 starts at $1299 [$320 more]
    #5: Acer V3-771G-7363161TBDW is $1699 [$1000 more]
    #6: Macbook Retina 15 starts at $2499 [$300 more]

    For radical markups, seems Acer make Apple look quite tame. Unless Soluto did something odd with the model numbers / price data.

    Last edited 25/04/13 9:07 pm

      the acer E1-571-33114g50 is only $497. still extra after tax but but much more reasonable than $549.

        I went by the official price, listed at - you can probably find a better "street" price on most of them.

    I wonder if they take into account how many hours they're run, and how full memory etc is.

    Interesting that they weighted BSODs with 10 times the value of crashes. I would think that they are the same to the end user. The Acer Aspire E1-571would be #1 if not for this weighting.

    Is there any information on which version of Windows was used, or is it averaged or otherwise adjusted based on number of users etc? 'Windows Laptop' is not very useful as a descriptor.

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