Sit In The Front Row And Get More Out Of Your Meetings And Conferences

The next time you're in a class, lecture or meeting, sit in the front row. As Spindows founder Clay Hebert points out, it can dramatically improve your experience.

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Concertgoers and some lucky sports fans probably already know there are a lot of benefits to sitting in the front, and many students may have already experienced this as well. But it really applies to anything, particularly for quieter events like meetings and conferences:

If you hide in the back, every row between you and the speakers is a potential distraction. Staring at the backs of everyone's head makes it easy for your mind to wander. It's too easy to check your phone and tune out.

By sitting in the front row, you'll avoid these distractions, focus on the speakers and learn more.

Of course, there are some places where you don't want to sit in the front — like a movie theatre. But if there's a Q&A session afterwards, you just may want to rough it.

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The Best Conference Hack [Medium]


    I sat in the front row of a concert that was the last stop of a tour recently. OH, the stuff I saw on stage that attendees even 10 rows back had no clue of! Definitely worth it!

    I learned something similar in dance class as a kid. It is very tempting to avoid the front row – mostly because you like the idea of having someone to follow if you forget the steps.

    But guess what? The kids in the front row are so sure of the steps because they're in the front row, i.e. they have an undistracted view of any demonstrations and they're psychologically primed to pay attention because they know they won't have anyone else to follow.

    As a bonus: you're more likely to be noticed and corrected by the teacher if you're in the front row. The same goes for exercise classes and similar scenarios.

    (The best teachers – I observed – send the front row to the back every few exercises, rotating through the class. Lazy teachers would let their "stars" dominate the front row.)

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