Save Your Broken Vertical Blinds With A Paper Clip

Save Your Broken Vertical Blinds With A Paper Clip

Vertical blinds break far too easily. Fortunately, there’s a cure for it. WonderHowTo points out that you can use a paper clip and tape to fix a broken slat.

When a vertical slat breaks, it’s often just a tiny piece of plastic that snaps off at the hole in the top. The rest of the slat is fine. Why buy a new one if you can salvage the ones you have? To save the slat, just lay a paper clip over the gap, tape it down and punch a hole through the tape. Hang it up, and you’re done! You can also use a toothpick if you prefer.

If paper clips and toothpicks aren’t your style, check out the source link for a few other simple ways to fix vertical blinds.

How to Fix Your Broken Vertical Blind Slats MacGyver-Style [WonderHowTo]


  • Just go to your local blind/venation cleaner, seller! If they charge more than 20/50c each, they are ripping you off, I got a bunch for 20c each. Plus don’t use sticky tape on your verticals, it will just make a horrible stain on them when you peel it off due to UV.

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