Revive Old Non-Stick Pans By Seasoning After Cooking

Non-stick pans are great for cooking a quick meal, but the non-stick coating can scratch and wear off over time. If your food isn't sliding off the pan like it once did, a little seasoning can prolong the cookware's life.

Image: Boerescu (Shutterstock).

The process isn't really different from seasoning a cast iron pan, I just had no idea it worked on non-stick pans. Once you're done cleaning the pan, heat it up briefly on the stove, apply a thin coat of oil for a few moments and wipe up the excess with a paper towel. Doing this consistently should allow the oil should fill in the scratches and thin points of the coating to keep your cookware in peak condition.

Do You Season Your Nonstick Pans? [The Kitchn]


    Who would do this ever ?
    If your non stick pan is scratched - get rid of it.

      I've got some nice pans that have heavy copper bases that i want to continue to use. They are just starting to stick a tiny bit - just enough to annoy, not enough to stop cooking on. Definitely gonna try this to keep them going a little bit longer.

    not sure this is a particularly good idea given that (depending on the brand of non-stick surface), non-stick pans aren't meant to be heated up with nothing in it, and that if anything actually wears out the non-stick surface.

    from the teflon website:
    "At high temperatures, the quality of the coating may begin to deteriorate — it may discolor or lose its nonstick quality. This can begin to occur at temperatures above 500°F (260°C). If heated to an extremely high temperature, the coating may begin to decompose and give off fumes. "

    And as I understand, in order for seasoning to work properly, the pan needs to be heated up for a significant amount of time.

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