RefurbMe Alerts You To The Best Deals In Apple's Refurb Store

When it comes to Apple products, refurbished is the best way to go. RefurbMe showcases the latest available refurbished products from the Apple Store and makes it easier to quickly snag the best deals as soon as they're listed.

The site makes it easy to see all the refurbished Macbooks, Macs, iPads and more at a glance, including the per cent savings and release date. You can filter the list by category, availability, savings, price and release date.

Even better, you can sign up for email or SMS alerts to be notified when new refurbished products hit the Apple Store. This is especially useful, because the store works on a first-come, first-serve basis, and supplies are limited.

If you're looking for just the right price on a refurbished Apple product, or one that's not available right now, head over to RefurbMe to set up your notifications.



    I'm just presuming but; don't you think that it's going to have a cheaper price tag for a reason?

      I am wondering are they really refurbished as it looks like brand new. Trick for price discrimination ?

        I would highly doubt that as a strategy. I think the photos are just stock ones. These are just machines returned to Apple for whatever reason are tested and repackaged for sale, if you've ever owned an Apple product often rather then repairing your one and having you wait, they'll just provide you with a refurbished one or a new one depending on the circumstances. Also note the absence of iPhones, I assume this is because iPhones are so frequently damaged, returned (I'm not sure about other countries but here in Australia we mobile carriers must provide a warranty for the duration of your contract) and insured for repairs/damage/theft as opposed to other devices.

          By the way quick 1+ for Apples customer service.

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