Popup Widget Makes Space-Saving Icons For Android Widgets

Android: Popup Widget turns any Android widget into a popup window that can be launched from a single icon on your home screen. Best of all, you don't need to make room for it — just tap the icon, and the widget opens up on top of everything else.

App widgets are a fast, flexible way to control the apps on your phone without leaving the home screen, or without having to open the app directly, but they take up real estate on your screen. Popup Widget runs in the background, and lets you turn any widget into a kind of mini-app that launches right on top of the home screen, so you can control your music player, check the time, see what's happening on Twitter or Facebook, or check the weather without leaving your home screen or having to open those specific apps.

The video above shows you how the app works. It includes a lot of customisation options for the look and feel of each popup widget you create. You can choose the layout, the background, tweak the size, change the theme, even change the type of animation used when the widget pops up or is dismissed.

Popup Widget ($1.27) [Google Play]


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