Podcast Gallery Saves Podcasts In Google Drive Or Dropbox

Managing and saving your podcasts is already a simple process, but Podcast Gallery is a web app that makes it even easier. It allows you to save your favourite episodes directly to Google Drive or Dropbox.

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On the surface, Podcast Gallery is already a great directory of podcasts that's easy to browse. You can sign in with Twitter or Facebook, and create collections of your favourite podcasts to use it as an online podcast manager. From there, you can listen or watch your podcasts directly in your browser without any additional downloads. If you have a podcast episode you like, you can save it to your Google Drive or Dropbox account so it's accessible anywhere.

Podcast Gallery doesn't have every single podcast out there, but it does have the most popular ones. Once you build up your collection, you can share it with friends with a URL or download the OPML file to import into your favourite podcast manager.

Podcast Gallery [via Digital Inspiration]


    This would be pretty sweet if it would automatically download podcasts to dropbox/google drive.

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