Navigate Your Facebook News Feed With These Four Keyboard Shortcuts

If you don't like using your mouse to scroll and click on everything in your Facebook News Feed, Facebook has a few built-in shortcuts that can make things a lot faster.

Some of you may have already discovered these, but for those that haven't, here are the shortcuts you need to know:

  • Use j and k to move from one news feed item to the next, just like in Google Reader or Gmail. (Once you start with j or k, you can use the arrow keys as well.)
  • Press c to comment on the selected story.
  • Press l to like the selected story.
  • Press Enter to focus on the text box when making a post.

Sadly, the old keyboard shortcuts don't work on the new Facebook design, but these ones are pretty handy!

News Feed Keyboard Shortcuts [Facebook via CNET]


    None of these work for me. Do they not work in firefox or am I doing something wrong?

    Edit: I clicked on the link provided then went back to fb and now everything works?

    I swear it didn't before!!

    Last edited 18/04/13 12:40 pm

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