Mount Your Second Monitor Above Your Main One To Reduce Distractions

If you do a lot of multitasking on a desktop computer, a second monitor can be a great way to increase productivity. However, it can also lead to more distractions. If you find yourself paying more attention to Twitter or YouTube on your second display, consider mounting it above your main screen.

It may sound counterintuitive, but having a second monitor above your primary display is uncomfortable. Looking up to check Twitter or glance at a YouTube video you have running strains your neck. While working like this eight hours a day would obviously destroy your posture, a quick glance is no big deal. After a moment or two, that stress serves as a physical reminder to tilt your head down and get back to work.

To mount the monitor above your second one, you can either use a treadmill stand behind your main desk, or use TV wall mounts.


    Ok, this is stupid.

    Agree with Jackson here. It:
    - defeats the purpose of having a second monitor
    - let's everyone else around you see what you're doing
    - most people don't have a wall behind their desk in 2013
    - if you got the second monitor to monitor twitter or youtube, what was your business case again?
    - some people might need to monitor twitter or youtube as part of their job roles (social media managers/editors for example)
    - these things are about personal accountabiilty - if you still have time to visit twitter, youtube, lifehacker or gizmodo after getting your tasks done then that's fair enough, but work has to come first, unless the websites are what pays the bills for you (see above)
    - if this is for your home office, it's a massive waste of money - you have to get a larger screen just to see the thing which leads to a higher asset cost, higher electricity usage, increased greenhouse emissions, and could even damage your eyesight or lead to neck/back pain and problems later on.
    (in your example above, the viewer needs to squint to read any of that text, surely)

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    There are some major flaws in your rationale in this article. First of all you've put something distracting on your second monitor. Then, instead of closing the distraction you've moved your monitor half a metre away from the primary which takes away from the multi-tasking benefits of having a secondary monitor. Lastly you've mistakenly credited the vertical alignment of your monitors for the reduced distraction, when it's actually the distance between the monitors.

    I have vertically aligned monitors with almost no distance between them. It's not uncomfortable at all and I'm actually moving my neck less than I would if they were horizontally because their height is less then their width (as all 16:9 landscape monitors are). I don't find the second screen distracting either because I don't watch Youtube when I'm working.

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    Why not put black electrical tape all over your second screen? That way you won't be distracted either.

    If a second screen just leads to you surfing the web and watching videos then just dump the second screen?

    ... And if you look carefully, mount your tablet on the left hand side of your work space. How much distraction does one need from work?

    I too suffer from easy distractions on my oversized second monitor. The solution? Mount the screen upside down, or if available use your graphics card's control panel to achieve the same effect using software.

    Why you ask? Because every time you need to check your second you are forced to do a handstand, which inescapably forces you to work out your arms and upper body. The longer you need to focus on the second screen the more strenuous the exercise you are receiving and thus the better it is for your health.

    This is by far the best way to manage the problem and once you try it you will wonder why you didn't 'flip the switch' earlier.

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