Motivator: You Want A Weekend

Efficiency isn't necessarily its own reward. But making IT more efficient can bring a big and obvious benefit that's all about you and not at all about your company. The simple advantage? You can have your weekend back.

Weekend relaxation picture from Shutterstock

Sure, if you're doing on-call support, weekends may get messed up occasionally. But the more you automate and the more often you test, the less likely it is that you'll find yourself going in to work on Saturday "just to get things sorted". Make that an ambition.

Motivator is a weekly post giving IT pros just one quick reason they should want to do their jobs better.


    One strategy I find that works well is, when I have a quota of say 5 articles to write per day, I'll try and make a couple of them only 1 or 2 paragraphs long.

    (hehe sorry Angus, I couldn't resist taking a stab :P)

      Meh. Why make it long just for the sake of making it long. It's effective communication 101.

      That said, I usually end up doing some work because I love my job, as sad as it is.. Do what you want xD

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