Make Your Haircut Last Two Weeks Longer With These Hairdresser Trimming Tips

Hey, guys: Want to save some money and avoid the barber for a couple of weeks longer? This video from BirchboxMan shows you how to extend the life of your latest haircut.

This is definitely one of those "do at your own risk" kind of things (not for the fearless!) but the instructions from stylist Jeff Chastain (of Jeff Chastain Parlor in New York City) are clear and the method looks easy enough if you have a steady, careful hand. The video's also useful if you want to learn how to do an in-between-cuts trim for someone else.

How to: Make Your Haircut Last 2 Weeks Longer [YouTube via ManMade]


    Going bald naturally helps too. :-)

    I've avoided the barber for the last 20 years....

      Same. Cut your own hair, it's much cheaper and takes less time.

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