Lose Weight By Chewing Like A Cow

If you find it hard to stick to a regular diet, the key to weight loss could be chewing your food for prolonged periods like a cow. In addition to regulating your appetite and curbing the amount of food you eat, this can also turn you off fatty foods for good.

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As we discussed in a recent article, humans tend to eat whatever is put in front of them, which can lead to unnecessary weight gain. One way to avoid this is to act like a cow at mealtime. Bear with us.

Cows are primarily known for three things: giving milk, going "moo" and chewing cud. The first two attributes don't concern us here (although we suppose they could burn off a few calories). Chewing, on the other hand, is a powerful appetite suppressant that requires relatively little willpower.

Cattle and other ruminant species digest their food in a series of stages with lots of chewing in-between. While we don't recommend regurgitating your lunch, prolonging the mastication process can lead to an increase in weight loss.

It typically takes the human brain between 10 and 20 minutes to signal to the stomach that it's full. By chewing more slowly, you'll consume less food in the intervening period (as opposed to stuffing your face for an additional twenty minutes). Once you adapt to your fullness signals, you'll alter your meal sizes accordingly.

In addition to this, chewing food for longer breaks down the consistency to the point where it becomes a liquefied mush. This doesn't have a huge impact on the flavour of fruit and vegetables but it can make fried foods taste highly repellent. (Check out our bacon milkshake video for the horrible proof.)

So instead of avoiding fast food, force yourself to chew every mouthful at least 40 times. This takes less willpower than going cold turkey, but the results will be the same. After a few days of choking down oily sludge, you'll find yourself turning towards healthier options by your own free will — the key is to stick to the 40 chews.

So to summarise, if you start grazing like a cow you'll soon stop looking like one! Boom-tish! Try the veal.

How many times do you typically chew your food? If you're not sure, count during your next meal and let us know!


    wow there is no secret to weight loss, eat healthy and exercise. This is just another joke that morons fall for and wonder why it never helps

      @kyle9600 are you serious? This isn't a quick way to lose weight. It's a tip on how to eat healthy and be mindful of how much you eat..

        Yes, well that vacant look on her face isn't really helping, is it? :)

        i never said there was a quick way. Chewing on your food has nothing to do with eating healthy!!
        People can't think for themselves and they think chewing slowly and more often is actually going to result in weight loss when they read this article. People are STUPID!!

        Just like this article

        Last edited 19/04/13 8:51 am

          I think that the main point of the article is to say that it may help you eat healthier, and is a simple tool. It may not help everyone, but it may actually be helpful to someone. Also they're not signing you up for weight watchers program, or detox diet are they, so what's the harm?

          This doesn’t have a huge impact on the flavour of fruit and vegetables but it can make fried foods taste highly repellent. After a few days of choking down oily sludge, you’ll find yourself turning towards healthier options by your own free will — the key is to stick to the 40 chews.

          This article is not about losing weight by eating unhealthy foods, it's about eating like a cow to reduce the amount we need to eat! Read it properly! Over eating is just as bad as eating bad food! If you already eat bad food, then this method *can* help you feel full on less! I know it works because I've done it myself.

          @kyle9600 I don't mean to offend you, but this may change your perspectives. Studies have shown that eating slower will actually decrease the amount you eat. This is due to the stretch receptors in the stomach are activated as it fills with food or water; these signal the brain directly through the vagus nerve that connects gut and brainstem. Hormonal signals are released as partially digested food enters the small intestine. One example is cholecystokinin (CCK), released by the intestines in response to food consumed during a meal. Another hormone, leptin, produced by fat cells, is an adiposity signal that communicates with the brain about long-range needs and satiety, based on the body’s energy stores. Research suggests that leptin amplifies the CCK signals, to enhance the feeling of fullness. Other research suggests that leptin also interacts with the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain to produce a feeling of pleasure after eating. The theory is that, by eating too quickly, people may not give this intricate hormonal cross-talk system enough time to work.

          Other studies have shown for it to only work on men due to hormones, however the case study only included 48 people. This work has been published by Corby K. Martin, Stephen D. Anton, Heather Walden, Cheryl Arnett, Frank L. Greenway and Donald A. Williamson. And can be found at http://www.sciencedirect.com.ezp.lib.unimelb.edu.au/science/article/pii/S0005796707000757

          Hopefully this has given you a new perspective.

            i know what the article is trying to say but people are stupid and will just flat out believe you will lose weight just by chewing more

              That's exactly what I said.. Chewing more helps break down the food more so, and slows down the process of swallowing the food, by doing this the bile in the stomach is more efficient and decreases the work needed to be done by the stomach. It will also reduce the chances of conditions like bloat. It also helps suppress the appetite, thus, over a period of time your body will lose weight due to the decrease in calories in vs. calorie out...

              It's not stupid if it's been proven over and over and is substantiated by supporting articles. Some people take on new suggestions easily, some too easily, some it takes a little longer.

              Traditional Chinese medicine have been using this technique for a sustainable amount of time in dietary therapy . I recommend some reading on the subject because it is quite interesting.

    Cows also have four stomachs.
    What ridiculous advice.

    Cows are primarily known for three things: giving milk, going “moo” and chewing cud.

    I'd bet "being a steak on 4 legs" comes higher up the pecking order than "chewing the cud".

      In my mind, cows and beef are two different things. :-P

    It doesn't seem to work for cows, never seen a thin one.
    Eating greens should be further up the menu.

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