Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

It was a week where transport modes, vaccination, Chorme extensions and the Galaxy S4 took centre stage. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Six Myths About Vaccination And Why They're Wrong
    Recently released government figures show levels of childhood vaccination have fallen to dangerously low levels in some areas of Australia, resulting in some corners of the media claiming re-ignition of "the vaccine debate". (You can check how your postcode rates here.) Well, scientifically, there's no debate. In combination with clean water and sanitation, vaccines are one of the most effective public health measures ever introduced, saving millions of lives every year.
  2. Should Queensland's New Bike Helmet Laws Apply To All Australians?
    The Queensland government has announced it will amend bicycle helmet laws to allow exemptions for riders with 'religious headwear', such as turbans. The decision was made following the recent court case of a Brisbane Sikh who successfully contested a $100 fine for not wearing a helmet. This got us to thinking — if it's legal to ride without a helmet on religious grounds, shouldn't it be legal for everybody?
  3. Make Parking A Cinch With This Parking Guide Infographic
    A few simple guidelines for when to turn and what to use for reference points when parking may be all you need to perfect your parking abilities. This infographic illustrates exactly how to parallel park and pull in quickly (backwards or forwards) into a parking lot spot.
  4. The Best Experimental Chrome Features You Should Check Out
    Google Chrome is a great browser as it is, but that doesn't mean it doesn't come with its share of annoyances and curiosities. You can fix some of these, as well as add new features by playing around with Chrome's experimental settings. Here are a few we really like.
  5. Relationship Advice I Wish I'd Heard Before Getting Divorced
    Divorce is never easy, but it's one of those life events that deserves a serious postmortem examination to figure out what really happened. I went through a divorce last year, and I've learned a lot about what it takes to make a relationship work from that failure.
  6. Why Doesn't Chicken Have A 'Food' Name?
    Think about it — cows are called 'beef', pigs are called 'pork', calves are called 'veal'. Even rubbish meat like sheep and deer get their own special food names ('mutton' and 'venison', respectively). But chicken is just plain old 'chicken'. Clearly, something needs to be done about this.
  7. Planhacker: Finding The Best Australian Samsung Galaxy S4 Deal
    Samsung's Galaxy S4 officially goes on sale from Saturday 27 April, and four local carriers (Optus, Telstra, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone) will be offering the device on contract. We've rounded up the deals available from each carrier.
  8. Wear Socks To Fall Asleep Easily
    If you're having trouble getting to sleep, the problem may not be in your head. In fact, it might be in your feet.
  9. How To Tolerate A Ranting, Swearing Telephone Caller (NSFW)
    The video below features an audio recording of a ranting lunatic swearing repeatedly at VicRoads a call centre worker until the harassed staffer is forced to hang up. The takeaway here is not that you get more results with politeness than screaming, though that is a point we have made before; it's that people working in call centres can be forced to put up with ridiculous levels of abuse.
  10. Ask LH: Is It Legal To Rig Up A Security Camera?
    Dear Lifehacker, I often see home security cameras on sale — even ALDI has them occasionally. But before I buy one, I'm wondering if it's legal to rig one up. What's the law about surveillance in and around the home, and does it vary from state to state?


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