Keep Business Cards Handy With A Few In Your Phone Case

Business cards are only effective if you have them when you need them. Owning a proper case to keep your cards neat and tidy is ideal, but you should consider keeping a few in your phone case too.

Picture: Erin Berzel Photography

The protective cases of our ever-larger smartphones can help ensure that the cards don't get bent or dirty. This trick also helps ensure you're never unprepared to hand out your contact info. As a bonus, if you ever lose your phone, it will be that much easier for a charitable stranger to return it to you.

The Cheap And Easy Way To Always Have Business Cards On You [Primer Magazine]


    Keep money handy by having a few notes in your wallet!!

    Another fine tip from the Department of State the Bleeding Obvious.

    What a terrible photo. Have a little respect and always hand your business card to another with both hands. Don't show how sloppy and little you care you share your name. Same goes for accepting. Both hands and read it, acknowledge the person.

    Yes, it's an Asian practice but it's also a good one.

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