Is This The Most Obnoxious Job Advertisement Ever?

Getting your job advertisement to stand out from the crowd can be difficult; especially in the overcrowded hospitality industry. We subsequently suspect that this Burrito Bar job listing might be genius — but it could also be stark raving bonkers.

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"Awesomeness Arranger" is not an occupation you normally see advertised. However, such is the opening gambit chosen by Burrito Bar Southbank and Rosalie on the Seek website. Having successfully grabbed the job seeker's attention, the ad goes on to continue its theme with fanatical devotion:

Burrito Bar is awesome. Awesome food, awesome staff, awesome management, and awesome pay rates. So naturally, you have to be exceedingly awesome to work for us. If you tick the awesome box, here’s what else we’re looking for (you need to have a lot of very specific qualifications):

  • A Master’s degree in making people smile
  • A Bachelor of bubbliness
  • A Diploma in delivering exceptional customer service
  • A Certificate in cheerfulness
  • Any qualification in quirky will be highly regarded

Without breaking stride, the ad goes on to give the "totes amazing interview deets", which includes a ban on guys wearing lynx deodorant or white sunglasses and a ban on girls taking "sneaky pouting selfies" on their smartphones. Anyone who listens to Nickleback is also banned from applying.

We're not sure how many professional-minded people would want to apply for this job — after all, if your employer doesn't take anything seriously, why should you? Then again, the ad has apparently attracted more than 9000 views since it went live so maybe Burrito Bar is onto something. Perhaps Microsoft could try a similar tactic when advertising for its next CEO?

You can read the full advertisement in all its questionable glory here.


    It's douche-tastic, that's what it is. Reading that is making me want to know where this place is specifically so I can avoid it and the type of people who would frequent a place like that.

    I don't understand why they'd need to stand out. I know someone like me applies like mad to everything he can see and not even get a response after over 100 applications...

    If they want to do it this way, then why not? Same job as everywhere else, just a bit more personality in the ad.

      I really don't get how people apply for hundreds of jobs and don't get a single call back?

      Over the past month I have applied for three jobs on Seek, received two offers today and yesterday as well as expecting the third offer on Friday. So 100% success rate.

      I dare say, you're probably doing something wrong.

        Or perhaps just applying for different types of jobs with different resumes?

        But yeah 0/100 is a pretty bad record.

        Well what can I say?

        I'm looking for entry level work in a competitive market I suppose...that or I'm shit.

        Anyway, I do have an interview on Monday, so we shall see...

    it sounds like it was written by a gen y'r who thinks ironically using "totes" in the ad will somehow attract the 16year olds they wish to hire for cheaper labor, or an older person who spent a day on reddit to see what the kids love/hate again to aim the add at a cheap 16 year old

    I thought this was dumb as hell until I saw that they actively discourage listening to Nickelback. Perhaps I judged too harshly.

      Yeah, but sadly that ruled me out from the job. Not because I like Nickelback, but because my dislike of their music is so intense that it actually makes me overqualified for the position.

      Last edited 17/04/13 5:11 pm

    If only they put as much effort into their burritos.
    For a place called the Burrito Bar they have the shittiest Burritos in Brisbane.

    Asides from the word "totes", it sounds good. A ban on NIckleback is a welcome change, same with no ducklip selfies.

    In all seriousness, I enjoy listings like this. It's a welcome break from the "Applications must be proficient in Finance Package A with relevant experience in customer management. Experience in CMS package B a plus"

      Lets not forget "A junior position seeking a recent graduate with a minimum of 36 years of experience at a senior VP level"

    The job is probably utter crap and the pay rock bottom. The 9000 views is probably the result of sites such as this one mistakenly thinking this deserves any extra publicity at all. Sucked in you!

    "Hi I wear lynx and listen to Nickelback while wearing my white sunnies, I'd like to apply for a job?"

    "No. Because you listen to Nickelback, have white sunnies and wear Lynx."

    "Ok, well, according to the Australian law of discrimination I will now see you in court!"

    I mean if someone wanted to be THAT petty...

    Last edited 17/04/13 4:18 pm

      they also want guys to dress like this?

      it aint discrimination. they want people who actually can make themselves look decent. sorry if thats too hard for you weresmurf

      ps. you know the bromance is strong

        If they advertise that they won't give you a job because of some arbitrary value that has no impact on the actual job, then you can have them for discrimination. Thats how discrimation works dude. I had a job taken away from me years back when I slipped up (in the 90s) and mentioned my epilepsy, I got a quick meeting and told I would no longer be needed. I say arbitrary in my case because its 100% controlled and medicated, this was before it was absolutely necessary to report it. I spoke to legal aid and had my job back within two hours, after telling them what my options were.

          um no, discrimination applies only to stuff you have no control over, such as health issues, race etc.
          This is no different from not hiring people who smoke or people who people who like wrestling (both of which many would consider unsuitable traits).

            Are you basing your position on the law johnjohn? I'm genuinely curious as I am unfamiliar with workplace law.

              This seems to be an official list:

              There are several there that don't fit 'things you have no control over'. I wasn't aware of them until now.

        Applicant must be able to demonstrate a suitable face while eating hotdogs, bananas and other elongated foods. Good eye contact a bonus?

    If you say 'yolo' and 'swag' at the end of each sentence, and 'Hashtag Winning' to express your enthusiasm, then this is definitely the right job for you!

    If you would like to work at or eat a better burrito store try Arriba Grill - Certain you'll enjoy this place much more -

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