Integrate A Wireless Charger Into Your Nightstand

If your phone supports wireless charging, but you don't want to clutter your nightstand with an ugly charging pad, you can build it straight into the furniture.

The video above does a great job of walking you through the process, but basically you'll use a chisel or router to create a cavity on the underside of the top of the nightstand, then slide the charger into place. The video uses an IKEA Hemnes nightstand and a Nokia Qi charger, but the basic steps should be similar no matter what you're working with. This particular arrangement does allow the charger to rest on the side wall of the nightstand, but if you aren't so lucky, a thin piece of scrap wood or metal will keep it from falling.

This is similar to a previously-mentioned project that added a PowerMat charger to a bookshelf, but this one doesn't require you to disassemble the charging base or permanently attach it to any furniture.

DIY Qi Wireless Charging Nightstand (cheap, quick and easy) [YouTube]


    This is incredibly self explanatory - but obviously you were looking for an excuse to make an artsy dramatic.... Craft video.. xD

    To me wireless charging is still pointless as long as I have to put my phone in an exact location. If I could put it anywhere on the table there that'd be awesome, but you can't, so the literally only effort it saves is picking up the end of the cable and plugging it in, then unplugging it when you pick it up.. Oh, but with a cable there's usually some extra, so you arent tied to the one spot.. But somehow this 1960's-1970's induction technology is a step forward? In destroying society, perhaps..

      I don't see the problem!

      Even though I use a cabled charger, I inevitably end up putting my phone down in almost the exact same spot every night. This just saves having to connect and disconnect the phone when you're half asleep.

      As incredulous as it might seem, Lifehacker may not have had you in mind when they wrote this article.
      I'm not sure how you connect the chasm leaping logic of induction technology to the collapse of society, but I'm willing to take my chance with it, all the same.
      You'll know who to blame when we're all fighting over cardboard boxes for shelter, ala Max Headroom.

      I'm not sure I should be telling you this, but you might want to look out for that technology called 'microwave', which has been creeping into households since the 1950's. On a sinister note, it is used by the military for their top secret encrypted communications.
      A sure civilisation toppler, if ever I saw one...

      Last edited 30/04/13 11:14 am

      It does save wear and tear on your phone's USB port, which can break. A friend of mine had his USB port stop working and was quoted about $110 to fix it.

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