How To Bring Back Facebook's 'Most Recent' View In The New News Feed

Facebook's News Feed is a great way to get just the highlights from your social networks, but it never shows you everything — just the stuff it thinks is important. If you want to avoid that and see everything your friends post, you can enable a comprehensive, chronological view with the new News Feed design.

Many of you may remember the "Top Stories" and "Most Recent" buttons from the old design, and they're in the new design too — they're just a little hidden. On the right hand side of your feed, just under the "News Feed" header, click the small down arrow to expand a few more options. From there, click "See all..." and select "Most Recent." This will show you everything. Yes, we mean everything. Every like, share, comment and link. It's essentially an expanded version of the old ticker that used to appear in the upper right hand corner.

Of course, if you'd like a little more control over your feed, we still recommend creating friend lists and interest lists for people, pages and sites to follow, then accessing them in this same menu. Unfortunately, you can't set any of these as the default view so if you log out or click "Home" anywhere on the site, you'll be taken back to the regular News Feed. Still, it's nice to know you still have the options.

How to See EVERYTHING in Your Facebook News Feed [Mashable]


    I still have the old News Feed it seems, as mine looks nothing like this...
    Is there a way to opt in?

    Last edited 04/04/13 1:49 pm

      You can join a waiting list:

      Don't expect an invite any time soon, I signed up the day it came out and am still waiting, while friends who knew nothing about it were receiving invitations to try it... go figure.

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