How Games Workshop Blocks Its Australian Customers From Shopping Online

One of the big benefits of online shopping is that you can avoid the Australia tax and buy goods at a lower price. But what happens when a manufacturer tries to cut off access to those overseas sites? Over at Kotaku, Mark has a great feature on how tabletop gaming company Games Workshop is trying to eliminate online sales from anywhere other than its own site, and the nasty side effects that is having on local bricks-and-mortar retailers. Worth a read. [Kotaku]


    This is becoming more and more common where specific brands are stopping you from shipping to Australia.

      They do it because Australia has extremely strong warranty laws. Even though if you buy from overseas, those overseas retailers don't need to abide by Australian law, the public expects it and harrasses them over it.

    Services like hop shop go or Via Address should come in handy to circumvent this requirement.

    This company policy is so draconian in it's nature.
    I wont be buying Warhammer figures any more.

    The policy will change if we stop buying their goods.

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