GrouPlay Lets Everyone Contribute To Your Party Playlist

GrouPlay Lets Everyone Contribute To Your Party Playlist

Unless you’re a professional DJ, chances are you’ve had party guests over that get on your case for your taste in music. We each have our own preferences, and no one wants to be left off the playlist. GrouPlay for iOS ensure they never have to by letting everyone on a Wi-Fi connection contribute.

Setup is simple: one person in a group hosts a playlist and everyone else contributes to it. Users can add songs from their iTunes libraries and the entire group can vote on individual tracks to move them up or down the list. It’s a little annoying that you have to add one song at a time (even the hoster can’t start off with a pre-created playlist), and it takes a minute or two to add a song to the playlist, but it’s a good idea that only needs a few improvements.

This does mean that all participants will need to have the app downloaded, so keep that in mind. For small, recurring gatherings, it would be worth having all your friends download the app.

GrouPlay Social Playlists (free) [iTunes App Store]


  • heeey, I wrote something just like this as a teenager to run on a Windows Mobile 5 [later 6.5] device for my car which allowed anyone with wifi and a browser to connect and queue any media (even video – which streamed to the device if it also had java)

    • Nek minnit; “Dear Gizmodo, I always hear of these high profile lawsuits going on overseas, but how exactly does someone sue a company for IP infringement? :(((“

  • Hey this is genius, another way to keep people eyes down on their phones instead of socialising. They should make it internet available instead of LAN, then we wouldn’t have to go to the party at all. We could all just sit at home and vote for the playlist on line, eating Cheezels and drinking beer in our underwear

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