Grab A Cheap Galaxy S3 During The Pre-S4 Frenzy

Grab A Cheap Galaxy S3 During The Pre-S4 Frenzy

The eBay marketplace is currently flooded with used handsets as consumers prepare en masse to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S4. If you’re still a few generations behind, this could be an ideal time to snap up a Galaxy S III, which remains one of the most powerful Android smartphones on the market.

As we noted in our launch overview, the Galaxy S4 is a pretty incremental upgrade to the Galaxy S III which is still one of the best smartphones that money can buy.

While the various improvements offered by the S4 are impressive, the S III does a perfectly adequate job in most of the same areas. Some of the new features might even make their way over to the S III via a software upgrade somewhere down the line.

According to eBay’s own figures, there are currently 65,000 listings for the Samsung Galaxy S III and its accessories — and that’s just from Australian sellers. You can snap up used Galaxy S IIIs for around $150, although you’ll naturally be taking a gamble by buying second-hand.

You can also opt to purchase unused versions from eBay, with ‘Buy It Now’ prices hovering around the $300 mark. Personally, we’d plump for one of these over the Galaxy S IV, which will probably sell for around $900 at launch.

In addition to the influx of Galaxy S III smartphones, eBay has also reported a boost in iPhone listings. Could the lure of Android be tempting the iOS faithful?

“There is an enormous number of old iPhones on the site which suggests people might be looking to jump ship and test the new Samsung out,” eBay’s Megan English said in a statement. According to English, around seven Samsung Galaxy smartphones are being sold on the website every hour.

Kogan and Mobicity slash S III pricing

If you’ve been burnt by eBay and prefer to stick with known suppliers, Mobicity and Kogan Technologies have also discounted the Samsung Galaxy S III in the lead-up to the release of its successor.

Mobicity is currently selling the 16GB model for $459 — a saving of $40 from a month ago. Kogan has dropped its price even further — falling from $419 to just $369.

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Have you seen a killer deal on a Samsung Galaxy S III or equivalent smartphone from a rival vendor? Let us know in the comments section below.


  • The mobicity link that lifehacker gave is the 3G only version.

    The 16Gb 4G version is only $10 more at $469 with double the RAM it represents far better value for money. (the 3G only i9300 only had 1Gb RAM)

    Also the 32Gb 3G only version is only $489. You can also get a 32gb 4G version on ebay. (that’s where I got mine from back in November)

    With Kogan, the 4G version is only $399, so it’s $30 more expensive than the 3G only version:

      • CM is available for the 4G in a nightly build of 10.1 only.

        The 3G only version has more nightly builds of 10.1 available (although it’s usually best to have the latest) and it only has stable releases of CM 9 and 9.1 because it’s an older phone.


        As opposed to:

        Personally on my phone i’m running Ripper ROM, currently at version 12 and I love it. It’s a touchwiz based ROM, but has lots of little add on packages you can install – 23 toggles, “mega bass beats” (which really just installs DSPManager for EQ, not the actual Beats audio driver) and “join more contacts call button” (allows more than 5 contacts to be joined but it’s more useful feature is to add a call button in the log next to each contact so you can just tap that instead of swiping) are 3 addons i flash everytime i update the ROM.

        For those playing along at home: as the 4G version has a different chipset on the phone it was harder for developers like cyanogenmod to code for it. If your intention is to install a custom ROM, check xda-developers before buying because your ROM of choice may only be available for the 3G version.

  • My contract for my iPhone 4S runs out in October and I was going to just roll into a new one with a shiny new Galaxy S4. Will there be a big enough jump between the S3 and S4 to warrant it? Or should I just take the new deal and run with a BYO phone contract when my other one is over?

  • I think this is what I’ll be doing. My SGS2 is having more and more issues and I was gonna jump to the SGS4 but I can’t afford to buy it outright and the plans, apart from Virgin, are quite pathetic.

    I reckon I’ll grab a 4G SGS3 and stick to my current Telstra $60 / 1.5gig plan or perhaps even go the pre-paid route with a cheaper monthly “plan” and an extra data pack for the same cost. I rarely use my phone for calls and mostly need SMS and internet and the extra features of an SGS4 would likely never be used by me anyway.

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