Google Music Finally Arrives In Australia

Google Music Finally Arrives In Australia

File under better late than never: Google Australia has finally begun selling music through the Play Store. As well as letting you buy songs directly from your Android device or your PC, that also means you can upload songs from your own music collection and play them via any device where you have signed into your Google account.

Google’s pricing is effectively the same as iTunes in Australia — newer tracks are $2.19, older tracks are $1.69, and some on-special tracks are $0.99. Independent artists who sign up to sell through the service can set their own price.

Google has offered music in the US since November 2011, so we’ve had to wait almost 18 months for this to happen — but to put that in perspective, the gap between iTunes selling music in the US and Australia was closer to 30 months. Google’s pricing does give some weight to Apple’s argument that labels have more influence on music pricing than it does, though the matching prices might also be a case of “hey, we can make some money here”.

Music to your ears! Australia gets Google Play Music [Google Australia Blog]


  • I’ve been using Google Music since launch to sync my tunes. Good to see we can buy songs too now; but probably won’t bother due to Australia tax (though albums look a tad cheaper than on iTunes?)
    The official client only synchs with iTunes or Windows Media Player… so if anyone wants to just synch existing playlists, checkout my python script at: (shameless plug) – it syncs m3u playlists (so you can use anything to manage your music).

    • I think there’s a market for both. There’s still a lot of media players that don’t have networking abilities (e.g. car stereos and portable mp3 players). There’s also plenty of places with little or no network coverage. Streaming media is good, but you can’t access it everywhere on every device.

      • I agree, there will always be a place for downloads. Some music just isn’t available to be streamed.

        That said, my last few visits to the gym I noticed fewer people with dedicated mp3 players, and more just using their phones. And, services like spotify will let you cache for offline listening onto your phone or tablet (not sure about iPod touches though?). If you have a car stereo with an AUX port or bluetooth, it solves that problem too. I believe one car manufacturer was actually putting a streaming service (might have been Pandora) in their car, which would update when you got home off the wifi network.

  • It’s about time! I don’t think I’ll use the sync bit anywhere except for at home (1gb of data per month on my mobile, and I’m a heavy listener of music in the car) but look out credit card, here I come!

    • There is an option to “sticky” songs or playlists on your mobile device, then it will download those playlists/songs over your WiFi. It’s an alternative to copying mp3’s over manually.

  • Does the Australian release include the ‘matching’ ability? As in no need to upload a song that Google already has?

    Unless I’m doing something stupid, none of my songs (I checked the ID3 tags) seem to being matched.

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