Google Adds Drop Down Menu To Search Results, Hides Cached Pages Inside

Google recently updated its search results format, again moving the link for cached page access somewhere else. Now it hides in a convenient menu next to the page's URL.

Just click it and you can select the cache page, share the link, and find similar results.

For a demo, watch the video above.

New Drop-Down Menu for Google Search Results [Google Operating System]


    Good improvement. I was always accidentally moving the mouse over the hotspot that loaded the cached image of the page in the previous version of search results.

    So how do you preview the page/cache page now? I found that REALLY useful.

      You can't. Google said somewhere it had extremely low usage so they dropped it to focus on improving areas with higher usage. I never saw much point in the preview, myself - what I'm usually after is in the text, and you can't read much of it in the preview.

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