From The Tips Box: Disorganised Screwdrivers, Bedroom Offices

Readers offer their best tips for finding your screwdrivers in a mess, working from the same room you sleep in and easy office cleaning.

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Label Your Screwdrivers' Handle For Easier Organisation

Connie gets fed up with her mess of screwdrivers:

Concerning screwdrivers: Phillips or standard? Pull all of your screwdrivers out of your tool box or bucket. I have about 20 in total. Each one is marked on the end of the handle with a white tag, and that white tag has a + or - sign on it. Taping the paper tags on each only takes a few minutes. Saves lots of time in the long run. In my tool box I keep Phillips on one side of the drawer, standard on the other side. When someone wants a Phillips I can easily grab 5 or 6 so they can take their choice of sizes.

I'd argue it's also worth investing in a screwdriver with removable heads, so you just have one screwdriver that fits all your needs. If you already have a sizable collection, though, this is one way to get it under control. Photo by Emilio_13.

Rearrange Your Bedroom For Work-And-Home Separation

Audiopocalypse shares a tip for students and those who work from home:

A tip for fellow insomniacs: if your bedroom is also the room you do work in, rearrange the room so that your bed's headboard, rather than being oriented along a wall, separates your sleeping space in the room from your work space. I recently made this change, and it has really helped my brain dissociate where I work from where I sleep.

Photo by Taber Andrew Bain.

Clean Your Office With Three Containers

Rosemary Jayne tell us how she decluttered her office with minimal stress:

If you're trying to clean your office or study then grab a scanner and a shredder and put them on the desk, and put a cardboard box next to it. Cardboard box is for all the recycling, trash can is for the trash and then anything that you want to scan and/or shred can be shredded right away. I always had a problem when sorting stuff out that I would end up with a huge pile of shredding or scanning - this time it took a little longer to actually do everything in the office but I saved a lot of time by not trekking downstairs every 20 minutes to keep the shredding pile at a manageable size.

Photo by Mack Male.


    In America, Sears Craftsman screwdrivers do (or at least did, last time I was in a Sears a decade ago) this for you. One type is clear and blue. The other type is clear and blue with red accents. I think I'd used their screwdrivers for years before I realized this. Previously, I'd wondered about the "nice" ones with the red accents and the "cheap" ones without them, but that's not what it was about AT ALL. LOL. Well, it's not like they came with an instruction book that TOLD you this. You had to have enough of them that the pattern was too obvious to miss.

      All of mine are the red or red and yellow insulated screwdrivers. I never really have an issue with picking out the right one for the job. Each one is a slightly different size handle and length so that seems to be enough for it.

    Use a soldering iron to melt a + or - into the end of the handle, just as quick and far more robust.

    In my husband point of view he directly store the screwdriver in a convey case, tool compartment or space holder that is unlimited of dampness. He then keeps the case, box or holder in a dry area. Lastly he place the tip of the screwdriver in a descending course while convey it in a carpentry sack pocket to abstain from scratching or cutting yourself on the tip. Works a lot for me too just to keep things tidy in any cases… :D

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