Fast-Track Resume Creation With CV Minder

CV Minder is an Australian CV creation tool that lets you tailor a professional resume in a few easy steps. You can then send out the finished results via email, HTML, PDF or social media websites. Most importantly, it lets you create as many CVs as you like under the same profile.

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We don't usually recommend online CV services — especially when they attempt to charge the user. However, if you lack the skills or wherewithal to construct your own resume from scratch, CV Minder is one of the better options we've come across; especially for first-time job seekers.

It boasts a basic, user-friendly interface that's capable of generating a professional resume in a few easy steps; free of charge. Adding fancy templates carries an additional fee of $1.99, but the standard version remains perfectly serviceable. (Note: At the time of writing, CV Minder was giving away $5 credit to new sign-ups.)

Crucially, the service allows you to create multiple CVs under the same profile which is handy if you're applying for more than one job at the same time. One caveat is that you need to sign up before using the service, but that's what dummy email addresses are for. You can find out more at the CV Minder website.

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