EverClip Automatically Imports Your iOS Clipboard To Evernote

EverClip Automatically Imports Your iOS Clipboard To Evernote

iOS: If you’re in the midst of a research project on your iPhone or iPad, you don’t want to open the Evernote app each time you find something you want to save. EverClip solves this problem by monitoring and saving content from your clipboard in the background.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this wasn’t possible on iOS — I was certainly sceptical — but it really does work. All you have to do is launch the EverClip app once, then go about your business in any other iOS app. For the next 10 minutes, EverClip will automatically grab any images or text that you copy to your clipboard, and even play a distinct pinging noise to verify that the clipping was saved. So you could grab a URL from Safari, some text from Reeder, and an image from your camera roll, all without opening the Evernote app or EverClip in between.

Once you’re done clipping, hop back over to EverClip to organise your note. You can select any combination of the clippings to add to Evernote, rearrange them, add an additional photo or text note, then export it to your default Evernote notebook. Unfortunately, EverClip isn’t a universal app, so you’ll have to pony up $2.99 for the iPhone version and $6.49 for the iPad version. However, if you frequently use Evernote from your mobile device for archiving research, it’s well worth the cost.

EverClip for iPhone ($2.99) [App Store via Macdrifter]

EverClip for iPad ($6.49) [App Store]


  • Annoying that they spilt the apps and charge for iPhone and iPad versions.

    As a heavy Evernote user and iDevice user this has always been an annoying annoyance when using iDevices and wanting to Clip things to Evernote.

    I think I know the reason for why they did it the way they did, but having to launch the app first and then doodle about for ten minutes clipping goes against the regular use-case. ie: I’m doodling about on my iPhone/iPad and happen across something I’d like to clip to Evernote. If this app is not active then it’s not very helpful.

    Mostly I will send-to-Evernote by using iOS email-link option and sending to my customised @evernote email address. http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2012/04/20/quick-tip-friday-emailing-into-your-evernote-account/

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