How Do You Back Up Your Smartphone Photos?

If you own a high-end phone, there's a good chance you use it to take regular happy snaps. The photographic capabilities of smartphone have exploded in recent years, with image quality often exceeding that of compact cameras. The one caveat is that most models rely on inbuilt flash memory, which makes backing up your photos a hassle. What method do you use?

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Last week, Seagate released its 1TB Wireless Plus mobile storage hard drive, which includes the ability to save photos and videos wirelessly to the drive through the Seagate Media app, which is available for Android and iOS devices. While this is an elegant solution, the product carries a price tag of $249, which might be out of some people's budget.

We're interested to hear how you back up your smartphone photos as a safeguard against theft, loss or damage. Do you rely on a cloud storage service like Photobucket? Do you manually transfer files to your desktop? Or do you just let the photos accumulate on your phone and hope for the best? Let us know in the comments section below.


    Not a fan of cloud solutions for photos since space is quite limited. I use iSyncr (Android app), which syncs my iTunes playlists and uploads all new photos via wifi. I have it on a nightly 1am schedule, so no intervention is needed at all.

    All my phone's photos and videos are automatically backed up through Dropbox's Camera Upload feature. I do restrict this to WiFi-only, though, so this upload happens only when I get home (unless I've already uploaded something to Flickr or Instagram while out and about). I used to use Google+'s Instant Upload feature but I rarely share photos on G+ so I turned that off.

    Dropbox for quick and easy.
    Also have a full syncing solution using FolderSync (
    It's a fantastic little app. I've set it to only run over night if I've remembered to charge. It turns on WiFi and syncs up both my music and photos to my home server.

    I also don't like backing up photos to any cloud services.. I have Tasker setup to kick off a sync photos and app backups to my home PC using FolderSync every 5th time (every time is too much since I have a habit of unplugging to do something and then plug back in 15 mins later) that I plug in my phone and am connected to my home wifi.. Probably overkill, but I'm sure that one day I'll be relieved to have it happening.

    All media is automatically synced by Zune every time I plug the phone into the PC. Then I copy photos into the "storage" HDD in an organised fashion (rather than just chucked into a "camera" folder) and from there, backed up on an external HDD.

    Dropbox sync when connected to wifi, and periodically moving those photos from Dropbox into my main photo storage which is backed up by Crashplan.

    Absolutely not a hassle at all. Google or Dropbox auto upload.

    Automatically to skydrive.
    then to my desktop when i charge my phone nightly

    I use the Dropbox Camera Upload function. I also use IFTTT recipes to automatically send images to Dropbox folders or other locations in certain scenarios.

    The key in all this is automation: knowing that photos will be backed up, if not immediately the pretty soon after. If someone were to steal my phone (and that's happened) then photos are among the things I'd really miss since they're impossible to recreate.

    Drag & drop, just like my regular (camera) photos.

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