DIY Wallet Indicator Tells You When You're Out Of Cash

It's always hard to remember to go to the bank after you've spent your last bit of cash. DIYer "macobt" put together a tiny indicator for his wallet that lights up when it's empty.

This trick basically uses a small circuit that puts a tiny battery in your wallet. When you take your cash out, it closes a circuit that lights up the indicator on the edge of your wallet. Check out the video above to see in action.

Make empty wallet cash indicator [Macobt Projects via WonderHowTo


    Because opening up your wallet to look inside was a hassle?

      It'd be a real talking point at parties etc etc... But only when you're broke..

        It would be kinda cool if it were like those motel "No vacancy" signs, when you spend your last fiver a tiny neon sign lights up saying "No cash".

    Why is there a green LED to indicate you're broke? Surely a red LED might be more appropriate?

    It's a cool idea, but one of those things I want, but will never get/make

    Personally I think this is redundant, and, frankly, a little stupid. I always know when I've got cash. I always know when I haven't got cash. I don't need a little light to tell me when to go to the ATM. Though I suppose it could be a fun and interesting little gadget...for like five minutes... Each to their own, I suppose.

      Are you implying the person who made this literally made it because he simply could not possibly know if there was money in his wallet or not? I think you and he have different intents in mind.

        That's not what I'm implying. I get that he made it for something to do (and I'm sure it was a fun little project), but that doesn't change the fact that, when it comes to functionality, it is pointless. (FYI, I'm Soulless-Shadow. Just using Guest access because I'm at work and can't remember my password)

    I rely on the moths flying out to let me know I'm out of moolah

    What I don't get is why do people get so critical over trivial things ^above?

    whinge whinge.

    It's cool and I appreciate the effort the guy put into making the contraption.

    Here are a few social situations that would either benefit or embarrass you if this device was common-place and continually yells out "I'm Broke!" unless you fill it up with cash again ... but then, noone can hear the incessant whining of your wallet until you pull it out of your pocket or handbag ...

    - a mugger approaches you and calmly demands "Gimme Your Money!"
    - you're having dinner with friends and ordered the Lobster with Garlic
    - on a whim, you decide to shout everyone at the local Bikie Pub
    - it's the day of your wedding and the jeweler has finally gotten those rings re-gem'd
    - your car mechanic has fitted four new tyres as a favor for you on Saturday afternoon
    - your fuel tank is next to empty and you've filled up just after the price-cycle rollover (what, on a Saturday? you've gotta be kidding me!)

    oh btw, this assumes that all nearby EFTPOS, ATM and Credit Card facilities are against you and have died a horrible death, proving beyond doubt that you are truly cursed. :)

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