Cloud Infrastructure Solution For Enterprise IT Is A Reference Private Cloud Implementation

Planning a Windows-centred private cloud infrastructure but getting bogged down in the details? The Cloud Infrastructure Solution For Enterprise IT offers a reference implementation for setting up an environment you can use as the basis for an infrastructure-as-a-service offering.

The implementation is outlined in a series of four documents, covering scenarios, design options, design decisions and implementation. Hit the link for more details.

[Cloud Infrastructure Solution For Enterprise IT via Building Clouds]


    I don't think if you can't design a cloud, you probably shouldn't be running one.. They just aren't that complex compared to any traditional architecture.

      You can't be basing that comment on any serious practical experience because it is an extremely ignorant comment. Orchestration, chargeback, federation, multi-tenant security and multi tenant networking add a lot of complexity. RAIN archecture is also very different from traditional server/storage deployment.

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