Check Out Lifehacker On The Checkout

Check Out Lifehacker On The Checkout

Here at Lifehacker, we’re big fans of the ABC’s consumer advice series The Checkout. In tonight’s edition, there’s an additional reason to catch the show: Lifehacker editor Angus Kidman pops up briefly during a story about dubious mobile apps.

Other stories on tonight’s episode include “Australia’s most expensive Wi-Fi” and an investigation into whether the various versions of pain killers are actually measurably different. The show is on ABC1 at 8pm, and will be available on iView if you don’t catch it live.


  • Go to “In Style Sunglasses” at Rouse Hill shopping Centre. But a pair of sunnies and try to take them back after 5 minutes because you see a flaw in them. An arguement will begin where the girl states it says on my receipt that there are “no refunds”. No displayed sign, you have to “purchase” the policy. Bloody ninnies could not see what I was getting at, but after 30 minutes of missed sales fleecing she gave in after a phone call to her Indian boss, spoken in Indian and had the audacity to called “me” rude!!
    I later found out they were bought from for possibly $2 each and sold at $40.

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