Cdto Opens Any Folder In The OS X Terminal With One Click

OS X: Have you ever found yourself inside a folder in the Finder and thought, "Hey, I really wish I had this open in the Terminal right now." Probably not in so many words, but if you'd like to do just that, cdto can make it happen in a single click.

Navigating to a specific folder in OS X's Terminal isn't hard. You can just drag a folder onto the window to get the path, after all. But sometimes you've just unzipped a script and want to open up a Terminal window with that exact location. Cdto solves that problem for you. You just install the app in your Applications folder like any other, but then drag it into a Finder window's toolbar. Whenever you want to open up any folder's location in the Terminal, just click its icon and you'll be ready to go.

cdto [Google Code via One Thing Well]


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