Briefly: Skype for Windows 8 Update, Free Picture Hanging Strips

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: new Skype update for Windows 8 users, Reckon launches 2013 Reckon Accounts range, get a sample pack of Command picture hanging strips free.

Painting picture from Shutterstock

  • As we reported last month, Reckon has rebranded its QuickBooks accounting software under a new name: Reckon Accounts. "The hundreds of thousands of businesses which rely on Reckon’s business software will not be affected by the name change," the software developer explains. The 2013 Reckon Accounts business range will launch in retail stores this week and is being sent directly to customers throughout Australia.
  • Microsoft has released a new Skype update for Windows 8 users. The 1.6 release includes a new contact blocker, the ability to switch between calls on hold and myriad bug fixes and performance tweaks.
  • We're usually wary of Facebook promotions giving away free products, but this one is backed by our friends at OzBargain and appears to be legit. Just visit Command's Facebook page and fill out the form to receive a sample pack of Medium Picture Hanging Strips — handy if you have a painting waiting to be hung.


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