Briefly: Quickflix Launches Free Windows 8 Trial, Amazing Time-Lapse Moon Video, Cancer: The Video Game

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Quickflix launches Windows 8 app with free one month trial, get a free cake recipe ebook, what is That Dragon, Cancer and why does it make grown gamers cry?

  • The movie/TV streaming service Quickflix has just launched a Windows 8 app in Australia, with a free one-month trial available to Windows 8 users. The service currently has a handful of free classic movies and HBO TV shows, with newer titles available on a pay-per-play basis. You can download the app here. [Via]
  • Amazon is currently offering the ebook 30 Delicious Family Favorite Cake Recipes for free (get it here). The digital recipe book includes step-by-step instructions on how to bake everything from a Chocolate Eclair Refrigerator Cake to Mini Cheesecakes. Hnngh! [Via OzBargain]
  • Most video games are about excitement and escapism, but occasionally a developer reaches for something more. That Dragon, Cancer is an adventure game about "hope in the face of death". It follows the plight of a married couple and their four-year-old son who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Players relive memories and follow a path of hope and optimism in the face of inevitable death. Find out why it brought a Kotaku journalist to tears here.
  • A keen-eyed photographer in the US has produced a 15-second time lapse video of the moon rising over Los Angeles. The moon’s ascension is quite mesmerising as it paints a glittering arc across the sky. Watch the video here.


    Surely there are better and healthier cookbooks, also it is an absolute pain the arse to convert from US measures to Australian. Might be something to check out in the future.

      It's a free cook book, relax.

      And cakes taste good! haha

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