Briefly: LucasArts Shuts Its Doors, New Twitter Update, Google Adds Improved Autocomplete Predictions

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Disney closes LucasArts, iPrimus connects first NBN Fixed Wireless customer in NT, Twitter update for Android, iOS and mobile web.

  • Gmail is rolling out improved autocomplete predictions to all users over the next few days. Autocomplete predictions will now include your past Gmail searches and thumbnails for contact results. Also, Google Operating System reports that Gmail's experimental Smart Labels feature has some new labels on the way, although they don't work just yet. The new labels found in Gmail's code include travel, receipts, and events.
  • Internet service provider iPrimus has connected the first NBN Fixed Wireless customer in the Northern Territory at Lambells Lagoon. ”As the NBN continues to deliver Northern Territory end users access to improved broadband we aim to continue being at the forefront of delivering the new wireless technology.” said M2 CEO Geoff Horth in a statement.
  • If you recognised the above article image you'll be saddened to hear that LucasArts, the veteran games publisher behind Day Of The Tentacle, The Secret Of Money Island, Loom, Sam & Max, Grim Fandango and countless Star Wars games has been shut down by Disney. Sniff. You can read the full report here.
  • Twitter has released new mobile updates for Android, iOS and mobile web. The Android version comes with a host of enhanced features including wider and taller timelines that fill the screen, a tap and hold function for quick actions and a flat navigation bar. All three updates now show more types of content in expanded Tweets (photo galleries, apps and product listings).
  • Microsoft has announced that its Skype users are spending approximately two billion minutes per day — or around 3,800 years — connecting with one another. "This massive amount of connection – enough time to watch 1.6 million movies – is a testament to the hard work of our product teams who have enabled these great experiences," Microsoft said on its official blog.


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