Briefly: Google Glass Specs Revealed, Tiger Airways $10 Sale, Microsoft Updates Outlook For Android

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Google unveils specifications for augmented-reality glasses, Tiger Airways announces $10 sale, Microsoft releases a major Outlook update for Android users.

Photo: Surrogate Self

  • From today, all Tiger routes Australia-wide are on sale with ticket prices starting from just $10 each way. The sale ends this Friday at midday. Most fares are valid between 21/10/13 and 16/12/13, which makes this a perfect holiday bargain. Click here for more details. [Via OzBargain]
  • Microsoft has given its Outlook app for Android a massive overhaul including a completely redesigned user interface. New features include conversation threading, filters for unread and flagged mail and the ability to mark messages as junk. Pay a visit to the Google Play Store to download the latest version of the app.
  • We've speculated about Google's augmented-reality Glass project several times in the past — including whether they will be safe to use while driving. Now the reality of Google's wearable computer is beginning to take shape, with the search giant releases the official specifications. Apparently, the screen is equivalent to a 25-inch monitor in front of your eye, the battery will last for a day, there is 12GB of storage augmented by Google Drive and bone-conduction audio. You can see the full specs list over at Gizmodo.


    All I wanna know about google glass is how well it'll work with those of us who are already bespectacle'd.

    why on earth do they always use mouth breathers in pictures for google glass?

    oh yeah, cue all the fake-spectacled people who wear glasses just because it makes them 'look' smart - the same people that bagged people out with 'four-eyes' and all that nonsense. Time for the real spectacled people to have their fun!

      We should all get X-Ray specs then!

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