Briefly: Get Portal 1 And 2 For $6, Harrison Ford vs. Chewbacca, Durex Launches Vibrating Underwear

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Steam sells Portal 1 and 2 for under $10, Harrison Ford lashes out at co-star Chewbacca, Durex launches vibrating underwear.

  • Portal 1 and 2 — two of the most critically acclaimed computer games of all time — are currently available on Steam for just $6.24; that's 75 per cent off the normal asking price. The cake might be a lie, but this deal is totally legit. [Via OzBargain]
  • During an explosive interview on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Star Wars actor Harrison Ford let off a tirade of abuse against his Wookie co-star Chewbacca, who happened to be in the crowd. The pair's working relationship was strained after the Kashyyyk native had a sexual liaison with Ford's wife. Unfortunately for Star Wars fans, this is likely to put the future of the next trilogy into jeopardy (especially if Ford finds out about the three-way with Wicket). See the video here.
  • Have you ever wondered what became of the various YouTube meme stars like Rebecca Black, the "Charlie bit my finger" kid, the keyboard cat or Tay "Chocolate Rain" Zonday? This infographic over at Gizmodo has the skinny on all these and more!
  • Condom manufacturer Durex has launched a range of vibrating underwear that lets you 'touch' your partner over the internet. The Fundawear undergarments include inbuilt sensors that are controlled via a corresponding smartphone app. Users can control the speed, intensity and area of the vibrations. I'd like to dismiss this as a puerile gimmick, but being frequently abroad has left me more than a little eager to try it out! Watch a video of it in action here.


    Perfect timing... my nephew just turned 15 and is getting a gaming PC.

      I really hope that's in response to the first item in the list :) If not, then I find your comment either (in order):

      Deeply, deeply disturbing

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