Bluetooth And Wifi Unlocker For Android Turns Off Passwords Near Familiar Devices

Android: There are handy apps that let you disable your Android password when connected to Wi-Fi networks, but this app takes that functionality further. Bluetooth and Wifi Unlocker removes the need to type in a passcode owhenever you're connected to a Wi-Fi network or a Bluetooth device.

Adding Bluetooth lets you keep your phone accessible when you're streaming music at home, to headphones, when you have your Fitbit attached, or when you're in your Bluetooth-enabled car (only while you're stationary, we hope). The passcode goes back on the moment your phone is out of range of your chosen device, so would-be snoops are out of luck if you're not near your phone.

Bluetooth and Wifi Unlocker is available as a free app, with tough limits on the number of Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices and preferences. The $3 paid version removes those barriers.

Bluetooth and Wifi Unlocker [Google Play]


    Would be awesome if it did the same in reverse using a companion pc app - allowing your work pc to unlock when you walked near it, while also unlocking your phone.. Hell, take it a step further, have it unlock/lock your office door too!

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