Beyond Pizza: Make Perfectly Crisp Foods With A Pizza Stone

A pizza stone is remarkably more versatile than the name suggests. In addition to helping you make homemade pizza and keep your oven's temperature more even, you can bake crustier breads, roast vegetables and make frozen foods crispier.

Picture: jackie-dee/Flickr

Pizza stones hold their heat exceptionally well and pull moisture from the outer surface of whatever you put on it. Cooking Light forum members suggest using it for anything you would make on a baking sheet and for frozen foods like fish sticks and french fries — you don't have to turn anything and the stone absorbs some of the ice crystals. In the photo above, pita bread pockets are getting crispy.

Food Republic notes that the hot stone is also ideal for roasting vegetables: 15 minutes at 190C is all it should take to get that nice roasted char on your veggies. And then you can put them on top of your homemade pizza.

What do you use your pizza stone for besides pizza? [Cooking Light] Hack Of The Day: Roast Vegetables On A Pizza Stone [Food Republic]


    I keep mine at the bottom of the oven, I feel it helps regulate the temperature better and reduces the temperature drop when opening the door!

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