BetterDesktopTool Brings Exposé-Like Shortcuts To Windows

Windows: If all your open windows are giving you a hard time, BetterDesktopTool adds a number of incredibly useful shortcuts to your system. In fact, it works similarly to Exposé and Spaces on Mac.

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BetterDesktopTool isn't the first program to do this. We've featured a few before (like Dexpot), but what makes BetterDesktopTool nice is its simplicity. If you don't want all the extra features something like Dexpot offers, BetterDesktopTool is much easier to use: just pick your shortcut (keyboard, mouse and/or hot corner) for each action and you're ready to go.

You can get an Exposé-like view of all your windows, of the windows in the current app or show the desktop. You can also split them up between minimised and non-minimised windows.

It also comes with a virtual desktop feature that lets you quickly switch between multiple workspaces for the apps that won't fit on one screen. It works beautifully with multiple monitors and gives you complete control over all your shortcuts (just click on the "..." button). Hit the link below to check it out.

BetterDesktopTool [via Ghacks]


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