Automate Pet Care With A Raspberry Pi-Powered Feeding System

Whether you're going away for a night or just don't feel like getting out of bed on Saturday morning, this Raspberry Pi-powered contraption can take over your pet feeding obligations.

This machine differs from some other online builds by actually dispensing full food portions for two different pets. Davy Bryan hacked it together with a Raspberry Pi, breadboard, some servos, and a cereal dispenser counter. You can enable it over Wi-Fi to feed your pets while you're away.

The build isn't for the faint of heart, but Davy included a comprehensive parts list, instructions, and a GitHub repo with all of his python scripts if you want to tackle it yourself.

Raspberry Pi Powered Cat Feeder [Twin Cities Maker via MAKE]


    But how do you stop it getting filled up with ants like any other automated pet feeder?

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