Would Wireless Charging Get You Through The Door At Maccas?

Would Wireless Charging Get You Through The Door At Maccas?

Free Wi-Fi is already a feature of each McDonald’s “Restaurant” in Australia. In Europe, the burger giant is trialling free phone charging. Would that be enough to get you through the door?

PhoneArena reports that selected Maccas in Europe are using wireless charging stations built into tables to tempt customers into a tasty burger and fries meal. The wireless charging stations are Qi based if you’ve got a phone that supports that standard. The most obvious local Qi-compatible candidate would be Nokia’s Lumia 920.

What if you’re hankering for a slice of sweet heart attack meat but your phone doesn’t support Qi charging? The tables apparently have an inbuilt facility to use a plug-in solution from PowerKiss. This entails a tiny ring that plugs into the charging port of your phone and then handles the Qi charging from there.

It’s a European trial only for the time being, but as with all things Maccas, once a concept takes hold it’s often rolled out worldwide quite quickly. I can see a few issues with wireless charging, as staff are unlikely to know anything about it if something doesn’t work, and it’s not clear how they plan to stop the PowerKiss adaptors from walking out of the store, but it’s an interesting concept. I’m also obliged to point out that, free power or not, it’s not wise to only eat fast food all the time.

Euro McDonald’s testing wireless charging for customers [PhoneArena]


  • Until wireless charging is actually over the air charging, I’ll save my Nobel prize vote. The limitations of the current implementation of wireless charging don’t overcome anything for me – I still have to leave the phone in a certain position until it’s charged – whether it’s sitting on a mat or plugged in is pretty much the same thing.

    I don’t think it would get me in a Maccas!

    • It is quite clear you have never truly utilized wireless charging – its hard to state how great it is, but everyone who uses it can understand its incredibly convenience and superiority over standard USB charging.

      • I’m not sure I agree. When my phone is charging via USB, I can still make/take calls, browse the web with the phone in my hand, etc. I’m limited by the cord length, but I still have decent flexibility. I don’t think I could take a call while wireless charging…?

  • I’ve never been impressed with McDonalds free WiFi. I’ve visited 5 different McDonalds in my area to try their WiFi and found each one to be so painfully slow. It takes several minutes for their login page to load. They are all owned by the same person, so maybe they have throttled it back to stop people using it. Might be faster in other towns.

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