Use The Two-Thirds Rule For BYOD Schemes

One of the challenges with any bring your own device (BYOD) plan is working out who pays for the device. It's not fair to simply make the employee cough up (though that's disturbingly frequent), but how you can you reasonably allocate costs for a phone or tablet that will also be used for personal tasks? One potential approach: pay two-thirds of the cost (whether that's outright or a contract plan) and let the employee pick up the rest.

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That model was suggested by Gary Druitt, executive officer for the South West Alliance of Rural Health, during a customer panel at Cisco Live yesterday. "I don't really care whether you use an iPad, a portable computer or a phone as long as it's smart and as long as Citrix Receiver can run on it."

The reliance on a virtual desktop also eliminates many security concerns. "We're not connected to their mobile When they disconnect, they have nothing," he said. "When you're on the system, all storage is on our virtualised storage system You don't take anything away on your device." It's not an approach that will work in every situation, but it's worth considering.

Disclosure: Angus Kidman visited Melbourne as a guest of Cisco.


    Problem with a lot of Citrix systems is that you're either missing essential apps, or can't do some simple functions like cut and paste between apps.

    Solution - email yourself everything... Kinda defeats the purpose, but often necessary...

      if your citrix system doesn't allow basic functions like copy and paste talk to your system admins, if you are the system admin perhaps do a course or try google.

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