Use A Bucket To Clean Up Cable Clutter

Use A Bucket To Clean Up Cable Clutter

Is the area under your desk a tangled mess of cords? Feeding them through a storage bucket can keep your cables out of sight.

All you’ll need for this trick is a plastic storage container. Pretty much any shape or size will work, as long as it has a lid. Just cut a hole or two in the sides, and feed all of your cables through, leaving any power supplies, surge protectors, and excess cable length in the bucket.

We’ve shared some better cable management tricks over the years, such as using a rain gutter, but none are as easy to set up as a bucket. It won’t necessarily save you any space, but it will eliminate some of visual clutter underneath your desk or entertainment centre.

Computer Cable Management [Five Gallon Ideas]


    • A tested and tagged (as legally mandated in the workplace) appliances power brick should never catch fire just from the ambient temperature.

      You will find time and time again that fires started by such things have not been tested and tagged recently, or else they’ve been exposed to environments that would mandate another test and tag since the last test date.

      • have you seen electricians test and tag stuff? switch it on, switch it off, see if there’s any exposed cable – tag it, $25 please. to think that just tagging something will stop it from later becoming faulty is beyond ignorant.

        • Actually, as someone that is qualified in doing it (it’s a 2-3 hour course, no biggie), there’s a lot more to it than that.

          The irony of claiming ignorance, in ignorance.

  • Worst actual advice. Tidy your cables, this is maybe good for buying you a week or two until you have time.. but just sort your shiz out :/

  • Or rather than being lazy and using the Homer Simpson approach. Just go out, but a packet of cable ties then spend 10 minutes neatly tying everything up. Alternatively if you regularly need to unplug and remove cables, look into getting some Velcro straps. This would probably cost no more than a bucket.

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