Unified Communications As A Service Is Apparently A Thing Now

Apparently you can throw anything in front of "as a service": software, platform, cucumbers, infrastructure. Cloud Collaboration is a new joint venture between Cisco and Telstra which offers unified communications as a service.

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Like other 'as a service' offerings, the product is charged on a per-month, per-user basis. Details on the actual product are somewhat scarce right now; Telstra says it will begin offering options, including telepresence as a service, in the "coming months". I'm attending the Cisco LIVE conference in Melbourne this week, so I'll share more details if they come to hand.


    The tech marketing version of "In accordance with the prophecy"...

    "Cisco and Telstra will offer unified communications in accordance with the prophecy"

    It has been a service offering at Telstra since 2010 when it bought iVision.

    this is the evolution of the ivision buy out. IVision did Video, while Telstra obviously did voice. This is the bridging of both those worlds. It is essentially Cisco Call Manager in the cloud, which translates into 'a big deal' for businesses looking into how they can get wide scale unified communication strategies, especially when MS Lync doesn't fit the bill (which for a full scale PABX replacement, it generally doesn't).

    We for one are quite interested in this scenario where we can look at Hybrid configurations where we have on premise and cloud hosted systems linked for redundancy. We are watching this space with great interest.

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    Would be good if we could get an unbiased report here?? Since you are clearly looking into what may be coming...how about comparing with Lync Online/Office 365 and plus Lync coming Skype integration??
    Also how will Polycom's CloudAXIS fit into this space?
    I'm gathering the video will be SD quality to start out with??
    Is this Enterprise Voice? What about TIPT...which has been going downhill since 2010/11
    Again you are going to have to get your internet from Telstra?? How about physical locations, are we going to have issues with the quality since something is in the cloud?

    I'm not sure that this will be hybrid and probably aimed at SMEs.
    How about this thinking "we are the cloud". Talk to service providers/integrators about financing options, etc. where you can place the equipment physically to your liking ;)

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