Touchpal Brings Swipe To Type And Predictive Text To Windows 8 Tablets

Windows 8 (RT/Pro tablets only): If you're using a Windows tablet without a physical keyboard, hunting and pecking the screen can get frustratingly slow. TouchPal, a great alternative keyboard for Android and iOS, now has a version that brings swipe typing and predictive text and one-tap error correction to Windows tablets.

The video above — despite its approach to the default keyboard (which works just fine, honestly) — shows you what Touchpal for Windows 8 looks like. You can pull the keyboard apart to get a two-sided version perfect for using both thumbs on both sides of the tablet, or you can keep the keyboard together and draw from letter to letter to spell out words.

Just like any other swipe-to-type keyboard, the app fills in the word you meant and shows you other possibilities to choose from in the toolbar above the keypad.

TouchPal for Windows 8 is free and available now. Hit the link below to try it out.



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