Top 5 Tips To De-Chocolify Your Easter

Top 5 Tips To De-Chocolify Your Easter

It’s nearly Easter time again, which means abstaining from meat for some and gorging on chocolate for others. If you’re watching your weight and fall into the latter camp, here are some activities you can do in place of the traditional easter egg hunt.

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#5 Egg painting

Top 5 Tips To De-Chocolify Your Easter

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The tradition of decorating hard-boiled eggs for Easter dates back to the middle ages. An exact date is hard to come by, although the custom was officially adopted by the Church around four hundred years ago.

If you’re looking for a fun Easter activity for the family that won’t involve a future trip to the dentist, a traditional egg hunt is an excellent substitute for the modern, chocolate equivalent. Sure, your kids are bound to grumble to start with, but they’ll also appreciate the fun of decorating and hiding their own eggs — especially if you all do it together.

#4 Avoid Supermarkets — Especially The Week After

Top 5 Tips To De-Chocolify Your Easter

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The worst way to fall off the chocolate Easter egg wagon is to walk inside your local supermarket — especially after Easter Sunday, when everything is heavily discounted. If you have a problem with self control, hand your groceries list over to your partner/roommate/parents and get them to do the shopping for you (and don’t put ‘easter eggs’ on the list).

#3 Visit A Petting Farm

Top 5 Tips To De-Chocolify Your Easter

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Instead of spending the long weekend pigging out on chocolate, why not take the family to a petting zoo? The tenuous connection to Easter is that most of ’em happen to have bunnies. There are plenty of commercial farms and petting zoos dotted around each state that provide access to lots of cuddly animals (a quick Google search will bring up the closest property to your house). You could also opt to bring the animals to you, via a mobile petting farm which can be booked by the hour. (Bonus points: your kids wont be able to eat chocolate due to handling lots of filthy animals.)

#2 Substitute Chocolate For Hot Cross Buns

Top 5 Tips To De-Chocolify Your Easter

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Okay, so we wouldn’t exactly class hot cross buns as good for you, but they do provide more nutritional value than chocolate. Baker’s Delight traditional hot cross buns contain 1380 kilojoules per 100g and are comprised of around 26 per cent sugar. A Cadbury’s milk chocolate Easter egg, meanwhile, contains 2230kJ per 100g and consists of more than 56 per cent sugar.

You’ll also get the benefits of fruits, nuts and fibre. It might not help curb your weight but at least it’s a start.

#1 Watch The Passion Of The Christ

Top 5 Tips To De-Chocolify Your Easter

If the temptation of chocolate still proves too strong, put on Mel Gibson’s The Passion Of The Christ and skip to the gratuitously gory crucifixion scene — your appetite will desert you faster than an exorcised demon. (If you need an even quicker solution, this pizza placenta article might also do the trick.)


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