This Cheat Sheet Makes Learning Your Way Around Linux Easy

If you're experimenting with Linux, you'll probably need some help getting your bearings. This Linux cheat sheet runs you through common and helpful commands you'll need to know as you get comfortable with the command line.

It doesn't matter if you're configuring your system's network information, installing applications from packages, or compressing and packaging directories, you'll need to be familiar with the terminal commands used for those operations, especially if the GUI isn't working the way you'd like or you want a faster, more efficient way to get things done. Fortunately, this cheat sheet has the commands to do all of those things and then some.

Granted, with many modern distributions, you won't have much need for the command line, but it's one of the most powerful tools available in the operating system, so you may as well learn to use it. It's also worth noting that the Linux Cheat Sheet is for both new and experienced users. Hit the link at Github below to check it out.

Linuxgems Cheat Sheet [Github]


    Jesus, even the bloody cheat sheet is complicated in linux!

    Great. Now all I need do is tidy that up, split it into multiple columns, and see if it fits on a single sheet (double sided is a borderline pass).
    If it passes that test, I can laminate it & leave it on a desk for newbies to consult.

      Well it didn't fit on a single sheet, but for those who like PDF here's an A5 sized version: LINUX Cheat Sheets.htm

        awesome thanks for that formatting to pdf

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