The Light Table Workspace (That Used To Be A Door)

Old doors make excellent wide desks or dining table surfaces. Lifehacker reader Louis Edwards, an architectural intern, cleverly turned a door into not just a modern art desk but also a light table.

He punched out the door panels on the far right of the desk and inserted a light fixture to create the built-in light table. A glass cover finishes off this minimalist and simple solution. Louis says:

As for the frame tectonics and colour scheme, I derived some influence from Gerrit Rietveld's "Red and Blue Chair".

(Yes, I had to look that modern art inspiration up.)

Check out Louis's Flickr photostream for more detailed photos.

Home Workspace [Flickr]


    Hmmm... pretty sure that there's an Ikea design that's exactly the same. Smaller table though to my memory

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