The Life Of A Developer In 31 GIFs


    I (and a lot of other developers) can sympathize with the guy trying to close the overhead storage door.

    In part 3 they should include a GIF of a man with a blank expression on his face and call it "The client when I explain anything relating to the project", then use the same GIF for "What my boss thinks when I tell them I've written the best code in the world", "The client when I try and tell them why their request is impossible" and finally "My face when a former developer comments every single line, regardless of relevance"

    This is the greatest thing I have ever seen and can relate to every single one.

    What a crack up! Excuse me, I need to clean coffee off my monitor now.

    the captions are awesome! really cracked me up!!!


    So true and so funny, especially

    -When the project manager enters the office
    -When the project manager suddenly looks on my screen

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