The Constant Amazon Price Gap

We noted last week that cuts on Amazon Web Services pricing rarely benefited customers using the Sydney data centre as much as those in the US. The latest round of cuts to prices for some of Amazon's cloud services works out slightly differently: the price difference remains constant.

Photo: David McNew/Getty Images

Amazon has reduced pricing on DynamoDB provisioned throughput and indexed storage from March 1. In the US East region, pricing per gigabyte for the latter has fallen from $1.00 to $0.25 — a 75 per cent drop. In Sydney, the price is down from $1.14 to $0.285 — also a 75 per cent drop. That means that the percentage difference between the two locations remains identical.

Yes, it's always good to pay less and yes, people buying locally shouldn't automatically expect equivalent pricing. What this underscores is that buying local hosting should be driven by a clear need, not vague expectations — otherwise you may be throwing money away needlessly.

DynamoDB - Price Reduction and New Reserved Capacity Model [Amazon Web Services Blog]


    Probably should've put "AWS" in the headline. Came here thinking it was something about differences in product pricing between different country web stores.

    To me it looks like the price gap narrowed by 10.5 cents per gigabyte (down from 14c to 3.5c).

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